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My DashCon Experience - From A Vendor’s Point of View




It’s been a week, and the infamous DashCon has made its rounds through cyberspace, collecting rumors, memes, and speculation as it goes. The Ball Pit will forever live in our hearts and we will need $17,000 before 10pm to make sure it stays there forever, as our hearts have told us that we don’t like the sort of people that are usually there. It will forever be immortalized in internet history as the biggest fail that was such a blast to watch.


But what of the people there? What of the attendees? Those that saw it all first hand? I have no idea. I’m sure it was just as amusing to them and slightly powerful to say ‘YEAH DUDE, WE’RE HERE MAN! YEAH MAN THE BALL PIT!!!’.


What I am here to speak to you today is about those who were stationed in a large room, desperately watching the double doors and hoping that those few little groups of people that actually found their way inside would wander over to their table and enjoy what they had made enough to want to purchase it.


Yes, dear readers, I speak of the vendors.


And no I don’t mean the ‘Artists’ and the ‘Dealers’. I mean the Vendors, and you’ll see why in a moment.

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Synchronized waking up. [x]


Harry & Stan at Jay and Dan’s wedding - 7/20/14 - x




Harry hugging Jay at her wedding - 7/20/14 - x

I See London, I See France for lovestyles


Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 5,028

Warnings: None applied

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Louis is working at the coffee shop when the most gorgeous boy walks in. Harry is an eighth year Beauxbatons student and Louis is determined not to fall in love because Harry returns to France in four months.

The male tax collector reminds me of @jessleycrusher….

The male tax collector reminds me of @jessleycrusher….